The Kugali Anthology

The Kugali Anthology Comic Book Showcasing The Best African Stories In The Most Exciting Way
For Immediate Release

The Kugali Anthology 2 March 2018:The Kugali Anthology, a brilliant comic project to showcase the best African history & culture, has set a new record in the world with its wonderful content, art and stories. The Kugali Anthology is mainly designed to unveil the enriched culture of Africa to the people of the world in a new yet thrilling way.

This comic project is created by 15 most talented and multiple award-winning artists from Africa and many other countries of the world. These 15 brilliant artists have worked together to bring African culture in a form of comic very wonderfully which is absolutely praiseworthy. Some of the artists who have contributed in this anthology are Juni Ba, Gbenle Maverick, EtubiOnucheyo, Ziki Nelson and more.

The Kugali Anthology contains 200 colored pages with 6 amazing stories and 2 amazingly designed covers. This anthology is designed in such way which ensures to give the best comic book experience to the comic lovers.

However if anyone is interested in contributing in the creation of this great comic project, then they can simply by pledging money for this project. The Kugali Anthology team is running a campaign where everyone can join to support this massive African comic project.

The Kugali team welcomes everyone from all around the world to pledge in the campaign to help them make this project more successful. This campaign is also a chance for us to express our belief in the African culture as well as to make these stories available to wider number of people around the world.

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