Cheapest & Best Utility Deals

Utility Deals – A Journey

One day our founder had a chance meeting with a small business owner who whilst running his business, encountered dishonesty about contracts, fuss and inconvenience created by sales and marketing personnel’s dealing in utilities, who would deliberately sell contracts at a higher rate, failed to deliver their promises and didn’t provide the aftercare service. This happened on one dark day when he received a bill from XXX XXX (his electricity provider) demanding him to pay a shocking Electric bill of £28,700 when he called to investigate about this huge inaccurate bill, he had a nightmarish experience of going from pillar to post, calling several departments and repeating the story over again and again and on occasions he was even threatened by the energy company to take him to court for refusing to pay the stated bill. I helped him personally by making over 70 phone calls and writing several emails to resolve this issue, but after grueling over 12 months of stress, success at last! Not only was their inappropriate behavior and bullying of a small business owner (who was extremely busy running their business and often working very long hours) challenged, but I also blew the whistle and investigated the matter further thoroughly; this lead to not only the energy company realizing their mistake but they ceased trading within few months! This was the lightbulb moment for me, realizing this was an opportunity to provide a better utility services to businesses, thus I started Energy Consultancy Business with a Vision to help and support utility customers by offering them genuine advise, helping them to find best deals, saving them time and money, providing a fully satisfactory after-sales service, so that the customers can focus on their business, whilst Utility Deals Team takes care of their utility requirements.

Our clients are Schools, Independent Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Social clubs, Places of Worship, Engineering firms, Office building, High Street shops and Residential
customers too. Where there is a Lightbulb – we are there.

We are a nationwide company with a strong team of over 10 staffs dedicated to help and support our customers 7 days a week.

Our 3 years old company’s existence is to have a one-stop-shop to find best deals on Gas, Electric, Water, Chip & Pin, Alarm System & CCTV to help and support our clients at every step. For business customers we even offer dedicated Account Manager services for Free.

What could you do with those £1000′s of pounds of savings, hassle-free switch over process, time freedom you receive when you simply switch through us? Let our Energy
Expert do the work, whilst you enjoy your life.

Still Confused?

How to find cheapest energy deals? Too many companies, many jargons & too much fuss! Don’t know which is the best energy deal for my business.

Your 1 phone call could save you stress & Thousands of £££’s on your Energy Bills, so contact us now by calling 03301 247 333 or by visiting Due to Covid-19 many businesses have been affected, so we are giving businesses up to £1000 cashback on their utility bills.

When you Join us, your name will be entered into a Free Lucky Draw and you could Win Free Gas & Electric bills for 1 year.

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