How to Get Free Business Consulting From Qualified Experts

Business, marketing and legal consultants charge between hundreds to many thousands of dollars for their consulting time. Here’s how to get consulting from qualified experts free and fast.

The mecca of this free consulting is LinkedIn Answers. LinkedIn is the social networking website for professionals, its full of business people, doctors, lawyers, authors and consultants of all types. LinkedIn Answers is a forum style area where you can post questions about any of the following.

• Administration

• Business Operations

• Business Travel

• Career and Education

• Conferences and Event Planning

• Finance and Accounting

• Financial Markets

• Government and Non-Profit

• Health

• Hiring and Human Resources

• International

• Law and Legal

• Management

• Marketing and Sales

• Non-Profit

• Personal Finance

• Product Management

• Professional Development

• Startups and Small Businesses

• Sustainability

• Technology

• Using LinkedIn

You will be amazed at the speed and volume of responses you get to your question from very well educated people with years of relevant experience. Its seems to me I usually get 3-5 responses within the first day of putting up a question.

The questions stay open for 10 days and you can ask 10 free questions on a month on LinkedIn Answers.

Since you are not paying these people for the valuable time they are spending help you I would suggest doing the following

a) Rate their responses as good.

b) Send them a request to connect (aka friend request).

c) If their response was particularly good or valuable, after you are connected write them a recommendation on their profile. Recommendations on a LinkedIn profile make them look great, especially considering that LinkedIn is usually one of the first things that comes up when you Google someone’s name.

Since you are getting all this valuable free consulting, look after your own social media karma and go answer some questions related to subjects you have expertise in.

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